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managecomplexity Søren is writing from 20 years experience in agile. Don't expect to find trivial stuff here, everything is taking what you know to a higher level or challenge the common beliefs in the agile community

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twitter linkedin You see what Søren is sharing and commenting on LinkedIn and Twitter, you might find some golden nuggets there. Feel free to follow and comment, Søren loves every opportunity for commen reflection and dialog.

Excellent leadership in 35 hours (2007 in Danish)

Excellent ledelse cover As a part of his NLP Master coaching education, Søren co-wrote this assertion about being a leader and working reasonable hours. It is a modelling project of topleaders, who create amazing results in normal working hours.

If you can read Danish you will learn how those leaders differ from the ordinary in identity and beliefs. To read it, it will be an advantage if you know the lingo of NLP, but a prerequisite.

Hope you'll be inspired to be a better leader in less hours.

Innovation leadership (2006 in Danish)

Forside cover Søren has written a chapter on agile innovation leadership for a Danish book on the subject

Maybe mostly an interesting piece of nostalgia - later most of the thoughts are better described by Eric Ries in Lean Startup and Jake Knapp in Sprint.

In the beginning of the book, the editor is writing:
Søren Raaschou anvender erfaringerne fra adræt softwareudvikling i et opgør med for rigide fasemodeller. Han taler om behov for en proces med iterationer, brugerinddragelse og læring. Erfaringer foreslås overført på andre innovationsprocesser. Han giver derfor et bud på "adræt innovationsledelse". I adræt softwareudvikling er kunden tilstede som en del af projektet, og der kan foregå iterationer mellem løsnings- og behovsudvikling - "du ved ikke hvad du vil have, før du ser hvad du kan få". Som yderligere ingrediens foreslås indledende brug af innovation camps.


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