being agile

obstacle You probably know or sense that there is more to agile, than you experience in your organization. That you can deliver more value.

You are very right.

In collaboration with your organization you can overcome the obstacles no matter if it is impediments in the hierarchical organization structure (silos and ceilings), impediments in your IT architecture, doubts about you deliver as much value as you could, lack of empowerment etc etc.

You've probably heard the proverb: I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius
It is so true and you could add: We collaborate and we deliver
Therefore your path to mastery is not another certification/course. There is no fun waving your new certificate in front of piers, who are not aligned in ambition and knowledge - therefore we collaborate around transforming new knowledge into action.

Søren insists to help you in a different way:

If you want to create excellence, you must experience excellence. His ambition is together with you and your piers to lift the organisation around you to a different plateau and leave you all with an experience of excellence and the knowledge to continue to develop yourselves and your organization on a journey that never ends.

An example: Leadership workshop Your teams are not really cross functional, nor stable and/or members work on several projects. All preventing them from being really productive. Sounds familiar? Let's gather the leaders who's employees are/should be on the teams and

This is part of the program for leadership teams:

Amazing agile leadership: Together with your leader colleagues and employees, grow your organizations culture, strategy, skills and processes to reach a much higher level of value delivery.

Other offerings are:

Amazing product ownership: Mastering "5 levels of planning" and establishing innovative continuous valuable deliveries to users.

Amazing teams: Building teams to lean mean value delivering "machines" with their Scrum Master/Agile Coach or whatever you call that role.

There are so many details and options for customization that it's impossible to share here. Please, call, write or study the blog to learn more.

Søren is only satisfied when our efforts result in sustainable change - he loves to see it continue when we split again.